About Us

Constantly Changing Paradigms

We are a firm twenty years in the making. We incubate concepts, facilitate their technology research and product engineering, and invest and raise equity funding.

We turn inefficiencies and obsolescence into ideas, then take them from concept to commercialization. We have nine business concepts; three are scheduled to be launched.

We recruit talent from all walks of life. These individuals bring with them practical skills and experience. They identify and validate ideas, develop them into concepts, solicit customer commitments, then raise needed equity funds for commercialization.  Our current portfolio includes concept companies in media, virtual reality, logistics, alternative energy mass transit systems, fintech, health informatics, artificial intelligence and business guidance system.

We believe the Customer is the Competitor. It is the Customer who determines the value, relevance and applicability of our concepts. It is our job to outthink and out innovate the Customer by the companies we launch and the products these companies offer.

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