Professional Wellness Platform

DECKSTR™ is a professional wellness platform.


Our purpose is to radically transform the life of every professional on the globe by giving them the tools to find their purpose, challenge themselves, and to achieve their most cherished dreams.


We envision a far more equitable world, where professionals can easily find quality resources that can guide them in growing personally, building their skills professionally, and achieving their goals in business.


From our own research, we’ve learned that working professionals are struggling to find the resources that they need to grow their careers, to become financially stable and to build successful businesses. Despite other solutions on the market, 90% of startups are still failing1, Americans still have over $13.5 Trillion dollars in debt2 and according to the UN’s World Happiness Report, Americans are becoming less and less happy each year3.


DECKSTR™ is the solution to each of these problems. How? We offer a suite of products that help professionals to identify their passion and mission in life, to get on the path of financial success, and build businesses that last.


As a result of what DECKSTR™ is building, Working professionals get to live a life that they’re proud by:

  • Finding a career with a company that values them (instead of settling for a job)
  • Getting up every morning to work on something that they actually love
  • Managing their finance, not just to survive but to generate wealth
  • And pursuing a business that successfully stands the test of time


We have 3 product types, DECKSTR™ ME, PRO & BIZ, each focusing on personal wellness, career mobility, and business success, respectively.


Our suite of products is designed to guide our users along a long journey of self-development, by mastering one skill at a time.


We’re not in the business of mining user data or replicating products that don’t work. We’re in the business of growth, of results and radical change for the people who we serve. We believe everyone deserves a chance at achieving their potential.


We’re in the business of helping you to get there, one goal at a time!


Our Go to market product is ‘DECKSTR™ Perfect Fit’, a job referrals marketplace for job seekers and employers. There is currently a waitlist for professionals who are interested in learning more.


Join our waitlist here.


Sadé Shakur, Founder & CEO


  • Company Founded: 2017
  • Joined Tuyo Ventures A&I program: 2018
  • Business Location: San Francisco Bay Area
  • Stage of Development: Startup

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