Value Exchange Network

Deckstr is a members-only professional network that promotes authentic connections through curated in person meet ups. We eliminate the pain of ineffective networking, by highlighting what each person brings to the table, and how they can support each other in practical ways. We value integrity, authenticity and continuous improvement. Our vision is to make networking human again; to give people the power to design their network, and gain access to resources that they currently lack. We believe that people are experiences, that yield life changing opportunities. We’ve set out to transform the networking industry by giving every professional on the globe equal access to people.


Deckstr was born out of the awkward, fruitless, unfulfilling networking experiences of founder, Sadé Shakur, who quickly realized that she was one of countless people actively seeking a better way to connect and exchange resources in the professional world. She sought out solutions through every social media platform, local resource groups and by even creating online and in person communities of her own. What she found is that she was on to something big – that the most valuable form of capital is information, and that the world was desperately in need of a way to manage and exchange information with other reliable people, who they could trust. Since then, she’s committed herself to solving that problem using Deckstr; whose sole purpose is to deliver on this promise by any means.


Deckstr is in Beta, available via invitation only; and welcomes you to apply to be a member.

Value Exchange Network

Sadé Shakur, Founder & CEO


  • Company Founded: 2018
  • Joined Tuyo Ventures A&I program: 2018
  • Business Location: San Francisco
  • Stage of Development: Startup

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