Native African Beverages, Snacks and Remedies Company

NINI – From Nature! is a native African beverages, remedies, and snacks company. Their products derived from centuries old, family recipes, using indigenous plants and fruits, from the African continent.


Their beverages provide nourishment, besides quenching thirst and reinvigorating the consumer.

Their snacks derive their naturalness and sweetness from plants and fruits from the African continent; many originated from the streets of major African cities.

Their native remedies were passed down from one generation to another. These remedies remain unadulterated, surviving Western influence and encroachment.


NINI – From Nature! is the pride of healthy, tasty and nutritious beverages, snacks and remedies made through the consciousness of environmental sustainability and social responsibility to the community. Your “From Nature” is a commitment to your health, your community, and your environment.

Native African Remedies

Naima Afoatti, Founder & CEO, NINI – From Nature!


Company Founded: 2018
Joined Tuyo Ventures A&I program: 2018
Business Location: New York City
Stage of Development: Growth

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