K.K. Azeez

Dr. Kabiru Koredele Azeez, M.B.B.S. (UI), DLO (WACS), MPH (UG), M.A. HRM. (UCC), Dip. HSM. (GI), Dip. SD&L. (London), PGDE (UCC), is the National President of the Ghana Association of Quasi-Government Health Institutions (GAQHI), comprising of over 600 health Institutions in over 80 Government Organizations(PARASTALTAS) in Ghana and also the Director of University Health Services in the University for Development Studies. (2017-date)

An Ear,Nose and Throat Surgeon, a Public Health Specialistand an Expert in Health System Management with over 20 years of experience in Ghana and beyond, Dr. K. K. Azeezworked in Teaching Hospitals, District hospitals, Mines Hospitals, CHAG Hospitals before settling down in the University where he spentmost of his worklifein the University of Cape Coast Health Services androse through the ranks till he attained the analogue position of a full Professor in the year 2009.