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Why Public Transport, Not Driverless Cars, Are the Future

Fri Feb 1

One of the world’s top minds in transport research weighs in on transport evolution in Australia. Twenty-eight years ago Douglas Quaid, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, jumped into a “Johnny Cab” and demanded it drive away from gun-wielding assailants. The humanoid robot driver cheerily replies: “Will you please repeat the destination?” Total Recall’s vision of autonomous …

How E-commerce Supports African Business Growth

Thu Jan 31

Africa’s booming e-commerce sector can not only jump-start small businesses but also help large companies enter a market full of energized consumers. Africa has one of the most digitally connected populations on the planet, with 400 million internet users. Sacha Poignonnec, cofounder and co-CEO of Jumia, Africa’s largest internet group, discusses why the e-commerce opportunity …

3 Things You Need To Know About Augmented Intelligence

Tue Jan 22

Steve  Jobs was fond of saying that the key to Apple’s success has been a marriage of technology and the liberal arts. What he meant by this is that innovation emerges at the intersection of art and technology– rather than either alone. In fact, it was Douglas Engelbart who first understood the importance of computer technologies …

University of North Florida to launch a Visiting Scholars Program for African Journalists

Thu Sep 14

Jacksonville, FL (September 14, 2017) - The University of North Florida (UNF) has entered into two agreements with VOTAC (Voices of the African Continent). These agreements are for the parties to collaborate on a Visiting Scholars Program and pilot broadcasts of news and current affairs programs. Department of Communication faculty will also be appointed to …

iQx10, an AVR Job Skills Game Publisher, announces its partnership with Global Cold Chain Alliance

Tue Sep 5

San Francisco, CA (September 5, 2017) - iQx10 today announced an industry partnership with the Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA). The organizations will work together to create an industry-backed Job Skills Game for the temperature-controlled warehousing industry. The game will be available to the general public to play for free through the Apple App Store, …

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